onsdag 26. juni 2013

What's in my purse

Purse: Morris, Sunglasses: Indiska, Wallet: Lindex, and my new love Iphone!

Makeup bag from Noa Noa, Travel mirror from YSL, Volume Lip Shine lip gloss from Gosh (I like it, because it's smooth and non sticky), E.L.F lip stick in the shade "Nicely Nude", Ren hand cream, Blistex daily lip conditioner, eye drops, and a clip for my hair.

And to freshen up my keychain i painted my house key (haha, almost forgot to type key) PINK :)

My worst habit...

is defenitly the fact that I'm a night owl. I'm trying to change it, but there's is something about those quiet hours after midnight when everyone else is a sleep. I listen to music, surf the internett, whatch the sunset from the balkony doors that I always keep open, and listen to my dog snoring and wiggleing around in her basket.

søndag 9. juni 2013

OOTD: summer party


Had to take a picture of my dark root's because I got them done yesterday. Yay! I'll show you in the next blogpost :)


My favourite product right now

Without a doubt:

Lee Stafford's purple shampoo to avoid yellow hair. It really does the job!

mandag 3. juni 2013

Constitution day

May 17... OH, how I love that day :) Everyone out in the street, celebrating together, nice sunny weather, ice cream, flags, LOUD corps music, and the royal family greeting the children parades from their balcony :)

But best of all, I get to wear my national costume. My dear Valdres "bunad" that my mom made for me for my confirmation ten (!) years ago. It's the dearest thing I own.

 And the most akward part, that happens every year..... Taking photos with tourists. Kind of fun and flattering, but very akward :)

My yewlery

 I don't really wear alot of yewlery but here's a few of my treasures:

 My favourite earrings. The sparkly ones just mesmerizes the kids at work.

 What I wear every day :) A silver heart I bought for my self, and a silver bracelet my dad bought in Portugal.

Too pretty to be hidden away

My men's watch that i just LOVE :)