onsdag 23. januar 2013


I feel like I need a little hair inspiration now that my hair has grown longer. So, I'm thinking of doing som HOTD's here on my blog :) Join me! I want to see how you do your hair. Here's my first:

I know it's slightly medieval hippie, but i like it :) You just put on a headband and tuck your hair into it.

Dress me up!

Yay! I get to dress up again :) My sister is arranging a Valentines party in February, and I have allready started my hunt for the perfect red dress. The pictures above are from her James Bond theemed birthday party. I feel like I've always avoided putting on a dress - you know... "My hips are to wide, my legs look wonky". You are more noticeable in a dress - and that is a little bit out of my comfortzone. But I'm over it :) Women should wear dresses more often i think. No matter size or shape. It's beatiful! So I'm whipping out my slightly wonky legs and looking forward to another great party.

torsdag 17. januar 2013

While we wait :)

 Some pictures from last summer...


A very classic view if you get on the bus in Denmark during the summer <3 "Valmuer"

From our cabin in Valdres: 

Freshly picked flowers, complete with bumblebees and butterflies ;) 

 "Skål!" "Cheers!"

 Happy to enjoy a picnik in the garden after bussing for 3 hours


This place is heaven on earth... A small, romantic town with art galleries, charming shops and... wait for it...


Some shots of my bestie, Silje <3

Experimenting with flowers :) (And a TON of Siljes long Rapunzel hair)

tirsdag 15. januar 2013

Favourite lip color combination at the moment :)

 Lipstick: MaxFactor Colour Elixir Lipstick 615, Star Dust Pink & Lipgloss: Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector 02


I've finnished my first knitting project!

mandag 14. januar 2013

Soft as a bunny

Okay, so I have to admit I've allready started to long for the spring to arrive. Kind of bad news considering it's January... Well, a couple of months now and it'll start to get warmer. I do love that I get to experience all four seasons. And fresh, featherly light snow accompanied by sun in bright blue skies is about as good as it get's. But the ugly truth is that there is also a lot of: icy, slippery roads, thick fog, rain, and gray skyes that goes black by four thirty. Ugh! Here's a little sneek peak of something I've knitted to keep me warm. It's not completly done yet, so only a peak for now :)

Mascara is da shit when you're bored...